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Travel booking platform Shared with hotel members for the first time

Date: 2017-12-26

In the future, in a hotel for a member of the integral is expected to be used in travel booking platform for tourism products directly.Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, where the net to each other through membership integral and hotels group, share rights and interests, to the establishment of a new online travel ecosystem.

This new member "sharing" mode, where will implement the network identity recognition, integral with hotel group members exchange, where members can network platform directly enjoy the hotel's official website to enjoy the rights and interests.At present, where net has with super 8 hotel chains such as China, the flower group signed a contract, and online, such as elong OTA through the members' rights and interests.

In addition, where network in new ecosystem and hotel building, also launched a "hotel flagship store" model.In the past, the traditional competition in the hospitality industry mainly include complimentary breakfast, sleep system, etc., "where to network hotel flagship store" will further in offline electrical business, social and so on various aspects to expand.Hotel group available where large flow platform, differentiation innovation service promotion.Where the net will be on one-stop platform, using the search to conduct a comprehensive recommendation to the customer.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the hotel members share the innovation completely broke the trade barrier.From the consumer end, consumers can have more quality services;From the industry, the platform and the hotel group over the past one-way competition, will be able to forge a new type of mutual benefit and ecosystem.