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The 2017 global free line report Beijing tourism consumption per capita in the country

Date: 2017-12-21

Recently, the global tourism consumption guide travel day cellular network, China's tourism research institute jointly issued the "line to rediscover the world: global free report 2017" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), based on the day of cellular tourism big data, combined with unionpay ZhiHui consumption data, China in 2017, the free market development situation and characteristics, and the market in 2018 is forecasted.

Report shows that Beijing has once again become 2017 domestic cities, individual visitors from the most attention is the of the tourism consumption per capita and domestic cities.Visitors from Beijing is also one of the most exquisite tourists across the country, for the love of a five-star hotel in chengdu in the fifth, is inferior to Shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou and yangzhou.

Day of cellular, according to data from the large five-star hotel in Beijing for an average of 768 yuan, is inferior to Shanghai, hangzhou and other cities, but to an average of 521 yuan, a four-star hotel for the country.

With old Beijing characteristic and individual visitors from the artistic temperament in the hotel.Individual visitors from the data shows, the most favorite accommodation theme of "courtyard" respectively, "wangfujing", "youth hostel", "wonderful nightlife" and "small and pure and fresh art".These keywords for the day of cellular big data for hotel features intelligence analysis finishing.

Meanwhile, wangfujing, xidan and qianmen, is one of the most popular among individual tourists from popular shopping district, according to data, 3 PM to 4 PM is the peak period of tourist shopping shopping.Day cellular YuTao said of the large data center is responsible for the party, in addition to the overseas shopping, a lot of free visitors will also choose the mall in domestic tourism, especially when travelling in the first-tier cities, will be particularly interested in high-grade and hot business circle.