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Accumulate the cat user meeting tour across the country, Beijing first

Date: 2017-12-25

On December 16, 2017, accumulate the cat user meeting tour, the first stop in Beijing Hilton doubletree held as scheduled.

Invited users to Beijing, tianjin region on the day of meow friends, everyone around the theme of "travel" with the future, to discuss the latest way of financial assets, high-end configuration scheme and the new mode of future intelligent wealth management.

User meeting Beijing station

Money activities on the same day, the cat, founder and CEO Xue Liang came to power on "travel" with future keynote, detailed the original intention of its founding accumulate cat, platform security operations behind the third anniversary of the stick to the core concept such as the user supreme, accumulate the cat for three years after A round of strategic layout, as well as the view of recent industry policies and so on.With the attitude of sincere, transparent and open, let each other have more comprehensive and thorough understanding.

Xue Liang said: "the worst time is over"

Meow friends excited

Besides Xue Liang, accumulate the cat Chen Shuhao COO and vice President Gu Gan also arrived at the scene.For the next three years strategic layout, Chen Shuhao stressed that accumulate the cat to Fin Tech as a breakthrough point, to develop the intelligent financial wealth management, let meow friend lives better, life more freedom.