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Chen gang where new network makes the hotel a new ecosystem

Date: 2017-12-25

On December 21, Chen gang network CEO, where new announced for the first time: where are teaming up to hotel group, the establishment of a new online travel ecosystem.Create membership at the same time, to each other through the membership integral and hotel group, share rights.

On the same day, ctrip CEO, COO to clsa Sun Maohua, super 8 China, and flowers, and still the life, such as hotels, guests, and elong online OTA, all attended the conference, and where to network boot ceremony "to build a new ecological circle".

The personage inside course of study points out, where network platform for the transition to the depth value, and "Shared members" innovative ways, to achieve platform, three win between suppliers and consumers.

Chen gang, said: "at present, in the online travel search is still dominant, especially for young people to have a great attraction."Over the past few years, although the search entry after several changes, but the search is still young people choose the hotel's main way.Chen gang, said: "where will continue to play its technical advantages, the one-stop platform, using the search to conduct a comprehensive recommendation to the customer."

In the future, where network not only provides the industry's most abundant inventory and prices, on the new search platform, can direct order, the main hotel group's website, promoting "website the lowest" mode.Where nets in young group, the popular "intelligent search", will recommend more customers intelligently to the hotel.

In addition, however, is "hotel flagship store", where, depth through the platform to the hotel to provide all of the services.In the past, the traditional competition in the hospitality industry include complimentary breakfast, sleep system and so on.But "where net hotel flagship store" will also be in offline electrical business, social and so on various aspects of development."

On business hotel, where network with super 8 China's leading hotel chain at home and abroad, such as the flower, and at the same time and elong OTA through online member rights and interests, create a "Shared members" new pattern., where web member and the hotel group identity recognition, integral can be exchanged, the platform directly enjoy the hotel's official website to enjoy the rights and interests.

In addition, where the net can be intelligent recommendation at a low price, and compared the service, price, consumer preferences, such as intelligent service Cenozoic hotel users.